Monday, April 23, 2007

Today's Heroin News

While much of today's heroin news is the usual mix of devastating death notices and alarming announcements of increased crime/death due to addiction, there are some nice stories of recovery, rehabilitation, and other uplifting stuff.

A mother describes her devastation over her daughter's death from the effects of a years-long heroin addiction.

Burglaries are rising alarmingly in Santa Fe, New Mexico where the police force has suspended all narcotics investigations. What the fuck?

This is an alarmingly charming recovery story of a heroin-addicted teenager who grew up not only to kick the habit, but to become a successful physician and the mayor of a small town. I eat this shit up lately. Recovery stories rule.

I guess we do have laws like those I wrote about in England last week. Here's the story of a Newton, Massachusettes man who has been found guilty of providing the heroin that killed his 19 year old girlfriend last year.

A Masachusettes family is founding a clearinghouse of information and resources to help families dealing with addiction--regardless of the time of day or the financial situation of the family, addicts and their families can find help. After spending a few chaotic days on the phone trying to find affordable, reasonable treatment for my husband, I can understand the parents' frustration with the conflicting, expensive, and confusing options (or lack thereof).

And here's another charming human interest story about a rabbi who is going to attend a community college program like I'm considering to become a substance abuse counselor.

Who knew Fergie was a meth head? She says her new persona and adopted name helped her beat her addiction. Let's all go think up new names for our addicts!

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