Monday, April 9, 2007

That's Your Bucket Of Shit

I love new slogans.

At my last meeting, we were discussing how you set boundaries, and one woman said that she often uses the phrase "that's your bucket of shit" to explain to her crack-addicted husband that she wasn't going to deal with his problems. The post on property lines from the Betty Ford Clinic handout reminded me of this phrase, and it's a battle I have to fight every day.

It's so hard for me not to take on all of G's buckets full of shit--and he really has bucketloads of shit. It's hard not to take everyone's buckets of shit. I was telling Jeni about it, and she agreed--certain people are shit-magnets, or shit flies. It's like we are always welcome to take on anyone else's shit bucket, get our hands all in it, and let them dump it on our heads if they need to.

I think it's a powerful metaphor, and metaphors always help me. I'm a freakin' poet, for god's sake.

So next time someone is bothering you, let them know you won't be taking their bucket of shit. You won't even let the carry it too close to you because you don't want to get splashed. We've all got our own shitbuckets to carry.

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Shifra said...

I love that metaphor.