Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Family Looks For Lost Woman

Here is an article about a heroin-addicted woman in Hammond, Illinois who has gone missing and her family's efforts to find her and help her.

Family Fears Missing Girl Lost to Heroin

During her first disappearance in November, the family said they contacted police but were told there wasn't much the police could do because the girl is an adult.

The family insists a missing person's report was filed in November, but only one, filed on Feb. 1, is on record, according to Jorden.

Jorden said the department doesn't refuse to accept missing person's reports.

If a missing adult is located and not in harm's way, police will ascertain if the person has left of his free will and assist them only if they request it, Jorden said.

"We can't force her to stay in contact with her family or to not associate with certain people," Jorden said of the Allen case.

But as it has done in other cases, Jorden said police will assist Allen's family with posting fliers in public buildings and, if located, she will be asked to contact her mother.

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