Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dead Addict Of The Day

Remember this guy? He's was the guy who got Patrick Swayze's dance partner pregnant in Dirty Dancing.

His story is pretty interesting. I never realized he was a journalist as well. I hope that my newfound obsession with addiction doesn't lead me to start using. I already have thought of it...maybe I should try heroin and see what it's all about. I never really liked opiates. Well, there was the one notable moment when I drank and drank the liquid hydrocodone my grandmother had for her cancer pain. God, what a loser I was. She couldn't take the medicine, but still.

Here's the Wikipedia entry on Max Cantor.

Michael 'Max' Cantor (c.1959 - 3 October 1991) was an American journalist and actor in films such as Dirty Dancing (1987) and Fear, Anxiety and Depression (1989). He was a 1982 graduate of Harvard University, where he lived in Adams House and starred in several productions by the then-student director Peter Sellars. His writings for The Village Voice on ibogaine as a cure for heroin addiction, and his interest in the cult surrounding East Village cannibal murderer Daniel Rakowitz may have led to his premature death of a heroin overdose. He became an addict while researching addicts in New York and died of an undiluted shot of pure heroin at the age of 32.

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Anonymous said...

unfortunatly being an addict is for life, It's not the hardist thing to quit (withdrawls are doable if you know how to do it) but it's the hardist to let go