Saturday, January 3, 2009

AAnother WAAy.

My husband found a sponsor! They are hanging out right now. He heard him speak at an AA meeting a few weeks ago, and he thought he was smart and funny. He kept staring at the guy last night, and finally approached him and asked him to be his sponsor.

I think he might have come off as a little insane, having been put through the wringer with the sponsorship business lately. He spilled his guts about methadone without mentioning that he was looking for a sponsor or why he was talking to him, and he probably scared the guy.

In the end, once the prospective sponsor figured out that he was being asked to be a sponsor, he agreed. He told him that the methadone is between him and his doctor, and that he'd be glad to take him through the steps. It's the most exciting thing, ever.