Friday, October 10, 2008

A Dream.

I dreamed last night I'd been kidnapped. I was living in a strange house at the whim of a strange couple. I was with several women, and there were often more women coming and going, in and out. Some of why we were kidnapped was to serve as sexual prisoners, and some of it was for housekeeping, and some of it seemed just for the fun of being bossy and torturing someone.

I was miserable and afraid. I felt like I'd never be able to get out.

Suddenly, though, in an odd green jumpsuit, my favorite grandmother appeared. I was happy to see her, as I knew she'd come to rescue me, but also because she's been dead for several years. I miss her. She came in, politely, and winked at me in a way that told me I could walk right out the back door. She stayed to schmooze with the kidnappers and distract them from my departing, and I was somewhat surprised by how easy it actually was to leave. I went outside the door, which kind of transformed into my childhood home as I was escaping, walked out through the garage, and jumped in a green car. I fumbled with the keys a bit, but I got the ignition started just in time to scoop Grandma up as she was fleeing.

We were free!