Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Touching people can be so healing. I want a massage. I want to become a massage therapist. I'm thoroughly into touching and being touched.

Actually, I'm interested in being touched by my husband, and touching him. I'm also interested in being touched by my yoga teachers, but not so much in touching them. I keep finding myself enjoying hands on my body, not sexually, but also sexually. And I like how my hands on my husband's body seems to help him rest, to calm down, to pull himself together. It's one way that I can help him. So much of what I've let get out of control in my life has been in looking for ways to help him, and it occurs to me today that just putting my hands on him, holding him, and being sympathetic helps him. It's as much as I have to give anymore...it's me, at my most basic, and it's something I can give without hurting myself. It's powerful