Sunday, June 29, 2008

Want To Be In My Club?

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I'm an internet freak. I know it. Soon, I'll be doing 12 steps so that I can put the laptop down. But I just discovered Ning, and I thought it might be fun to build a little community. My favorite people in the world are the people I've met through recovery, and my secret Cuntface society, although it is in a serious summertime slump, has been a lot of I've made a new one, a Junky's Wives Club.

(Please don't challenge me on that apostrophe's placement. I know it's improper...but what was I supposed to do? The Junkies' Wives Club? The Junkys' Wives Club? They all look crazy.)

It's kind of like a Myspace for codependents. If you're married to an addict, mother to an addict, sister to an addict, BFF to an addict...whatever...come over and make friends! Ning has a lot of neat features, if you've been thinking about blogging, you can start a blog there, or post questions. Eventually, I'll get us our own domain name...but for now, you can see it at