Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My husband had the best idea today! He had to call me to share it!

"I just need to find a doctor who'll prescribe me whatever I want. I'm not going to be able to find a medical detox that will take me, so I need to find a doctor that'll prescribe me some benzos and Valium and Lunesta so I can sleep and something for my stomach. I'll just detox at home and sleep for like five or six weeks. We've got to find a doctor who doesn't care, one who'll prescribe me everything I want."

He said it as if it were a brilliant plan. He doesn't even know how crazy he sounds. I said, "Mmmhmm," and "Ahhh," and "Hmmmm," a lot. I didn't bother doing that thing that I often do, where I burst his bubble with that dastardly reality. If nothing else, how does he think he'll be able to afford all of this medication? Regardless of the rest of the addicty, dangerous madness of the plan, where is he going to find the money even to get in the door of a doctor's office? He is completely delusional. He is unemployed and he has no health insurance. There is no money.

Maybe he can build us a castle from scratch, too. Maybe we can get a jet or a helicopter to take him back and forth to all of his doctors' appointments.

I wonder if he has broken his mind? If he will ever be able to reason through a problem in anything like a sane way ever again?

Art by Luc2Day