Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Hero.

"That's my favorite character!" he says, indicating a dark haired, hollow-eyed man on our television. He's been watching Heroes lately.

We used to watch television series together, Netflixing the whole season and watching them in binges. I've been working more, though, and he's been he's watching without me. He was trying to entice me into joining him, but I had more work to do.

"So they've all got super powers, right? Well, this guy, he does a bunch of heroin, and then he starts painting. His paintings predict the future!"

So, NBC, I'm putting you on notice. Cut it out with the heroin heroics crap. Heroin is wack, and it makes people act wack. Heroin makes artists stop painting and sit on the couch watching television. Maybe that's what you're promoting: Try heroin! It'll make you a superhero artistic genius! is you message, but what you know you'll accomplish is getting addicts all strung out on stupid network television.

And one more thing...let me catch you having syringes and other such triggering bullshit...I didn't stick around long enough to notice if this heroin dickhead has gear laying all over the place, but if he does, I'm going to be really pissed. I love finding new people to blame for my husband's addiction, NBC, so you better prepare yourself for a big bellyfull of the silent treatment! You better get ready to ignore me while I go lock myself in the bathroom and call my sponsor and tell on you! I might even go to yoga and think about eliminating you from my mind while I hang upside down in ragdoll pose! You better watch out, NBC, when you mess around with a codependent in recovery! We can be pretty scary!

I am so sleepy that I think I'm delirious. Goodnight, folks. Boycott NBC!