Monday, November 26, 2007

Lunatic, Lover, Poet

...and when we touch,
we enter touch entirely. No one's alone.

Men kill for this, or for as much.

-Anne Sexton

I'd like it if one day, things could be simple. Decisions wouldn't have to be so dire or so urgent. Life could be easier, not all passion, all fury, all love and death and breathlessness.

Or maybe not. I've made every choice I've ever made in search of breathless urgency, passion, love, and death. I've always wanted to make sure that no matter what, at the end of my life, I'd know I'd always followed my heart. And I have. I've followed my heart right into some fucking messes, but I've followed it.


serenitynowdammit said...

I laughed and laughed when I read the last sentence. I've learned that following my heart is NOT always necessarily the correct path. I'm trying to follow my HP's path. If I can figure out what that is.

longvowels said...

Holla. You gotta do you.