Friday, September 14, 2007

My Beautiful, Bad Babies.

My man and my doggy are curled up together in the bed. I fed them both too much tonight, and they both have stomach aches, and they've gone to sleep now.

They are remarkably similar, these dearest brunettes to my heart. They both are very, very bright and yet very slow learners. They both look at me with these eyes full of utter affection and devotion, and yet they'll both act out in ways that destroy my spirit. They both want very much to please and also to do exactly what they want. They both want very much for me to be pleased with them when they do exactly what they want. They both please me, endlessly.

They both infuriate me, daily. They both have lovely eyes and lips and swoon-worthy noses. I like filling my hands up with both of them. They both smell perfect all over except when they fart. I like when they lick me. I like them best in bed.

I don't like it when they destroy my stuff, in their respective ways. I do like it when I get home and they're happy to see me, in their respective ways.

I like them both, as awfully bred things, and I like fixing them up with my excessive loving.

In conclusion, addicts and dogs are very similar things to love.


isabella mori said...

you have such a BIG heart!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

"In conclusion" made me laugh. I'm up too late again trying not to go to my empty bed.

Recovery Discovery said...

love it! Addicts and cocker mixes too.

Anonymous said...

Addicts and D-gs -- another blog title!
This is so sweet I can hardly take it.
I adore you,

laurie said...

LOL! Dogs is good, even when they are bad. And a man who bears a resemblance to a well-loved dog, has to have lots of good in him, too.