Saturday, September 1, 2007

The broken kitten.

Kitty is broken again. It's very sad. He's drugged like Daddy in the dark days. I think he will be ok. Kitty sometimes forgets that he's broken, and he starts trying to do acrobatic things like kitties do, and then he ends up all curled and tense and moaning in the corner, and we have to go to the kitty hospital.

My man was very helpful with kitty. I've spent a lot of time running back and forth with such errands alone, and it was so wonderful to have help. It kept me from getting all crazy about how kitty is broken and how one day kitty will die and unleashing that whole horrible projecting beast.

We spent the evening after returning home from the kitty emergency room playing with Mod Podge. It's not so fun to play with him, as he is much better than me at arts and crafts, but that's ok. Maybe I will challenge him to a sonnet write-off. I suspect he doesn't know that we're in a competition, and that he's presently winning.

And I wrote some. And I checked on kitty, and we talked a lot. It's been a beautiful day. And now I'm tired.


longvowels said...

Wow! Yesterday was officially Beautiful Day day.
Swx writing and arts and crafts, wonderful!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I'm sorry kitty is broken. :( I'm glad crazy junky man came along to help at the kitty hospital this time. :)

sKILLz said...

Aww what's wrong with your poor kitty, Im an avid animal lover, I guess I keep to keep on reading the back post to find out why your lil pussy is ill. LOL. I hope your pussy is getting stronger everyday.

Gypsy (Skillz Wife)