Monday, July 2, 2007

Toddler Dies After Drinking Methadone.


Anonymous said...

Strange side note -- I used to work at West Sub Hospital in Oak Park.
Very tragic story. Unfortunately this is the kind of stuff that makes people think methadone is the devil.

Anonymous said...

UGH! What a nightmare. Especially having one so close in age. And yes Scout is right, what a plight on the methadone community. It sucks that there are so many irresponsible methadone users.

There are two groups, ones who are using methadone to help them with their recovery, the never abuse it, they are at the lowest possible dose that keeps them from being sick and craving. They follow the rules, the give clean urine tests, and the participate in recovery of some sort, or at least they live completely normal lives. You would never know that these type of people are on juice.

Then there are the majority of "others." These are the ones who abuse their privileges, they sell their methadone, they use crank, crack and heroin, they take ungodly amount of pills to get high. They are on unreal doses of 280mg, and get 6 take homes (a guy I saw today at the clinic). They leave their methadone in the reach of children instead of in a locked box. The give clean urine tests, but it's because they are using someone else's piss. They are the ones that give normal people a reason to fear having a clinic in their community. These are the people who make me depressed at the thought of going to the clinic, make me feel embarrassed.

I really wish the clinics would care a little bit less about the money, and a little bit more about the clients. I wish they would crack down on the abusers, and give the people who follow the rules more privileges.

UGH! Good story, just really friggin heartbreaking.

highwaydave said...

While I also hate to see things like this happen since it does unfairly affect the service that so many (myself included) are currently benefiting from, I did want to mention that the numeric dose amount has little/nothing to do with how compliant a patient is. Some patients require comparatively high doses to achieve to desired afffect (no cravings & blocking dose) of Methadone - theirs been plenty of medical research on this aspect even specifically here in Chicago by Dr. Dole.