Sunday, July 1, 2007

Magical And Wondrous.

We were just eating the best thing in the bed: milk and mint Oreos. Stop everything, go get milk and mint Oreos, and eat them in the bed with your lover!

Today, we're going to go see BodyWorlds, which is about dead people. It's all these dead people cut up and skinned so that you can see their insides and stuff. They've somehow been turned into plastic so that they don't rot or stink. I'm so excited I might die. Cookies and dead people! The day of my dreams!


Anonymous said...

umm ya, no comment. lol. I am glad you got to spend a beautiful weekend together. you needed it, and both deserved it. pick me up a kidney or something, i'll get you back.

Area Woman said...

Body Worlds is one of the most amazing exhibits I've ever seen. I spent a good 6 hours just getting as close to each one as I could without being yelled at. I hope you get to see the one with the fetuses inside the woman, so beautiful.