Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lazy Bones.

We spent a luxurious day lying around on the couch at his mother's house. There was no internet out there, or at least not the free-floating piratable wireless kind that I love so much, so I was out of touch.

I can't decide if it was good lazy or not. It wasn't the way I would have chosen to spend the day, and I'm harboring a bit of resentment about his getting to decide what we do with our day on the weekends. I understand he's bored and etc. because he sits at home all week, but I'm eager to do things at home, clean the house, stick the pictures on the wall I've been thinking about in the Art Room, and generally enjoy myself here. We did some compromising, though. He wanted to go last night and spend the night, and instead, we went out there today and spent the evening.

It was ok, and I like his mother. We griped about our men. His father's brother has come to live with the family, and his mother griped about that, too. She's feeling a little run down from trying to take care of herself, the house, the yard, and her husband. I like talking to her in general, but especially now that she's in AA and kind of steeped in recovery rhetoric. It helps me to talk to anyone who can relate to this crap, and even though she's coming from the other rooms, it's still helpful.

Once again, I'm astonished by my ability to be sympathetic towards her and all other addicts in the world that aren't my husband.

I want to feel myself making some bigger and better improvements. I'm getting fat, slowly and steadily, and I don't like this weird, sedentary life. I'm always happier when I'm doing something physical. I think I might go become a Roller Derby Girl. It seems like it could be fun and exciting and aggressive as hell, and they're just starting up a league, which means that there's no try's open to those of us who can't even skate. I bet I'll learn quick if it seems fun, like I did with martial arts...or not that I learned quick, but I threw myself into it and learned to do things I never thought I'd be able to do.

I wish I could find a good martial arts school here.


But I need to move my ass around. I like to move my ass around. I need something fun, a way to meet some fun women to hang out with, and something to distract me from my man. Roller Derby Girl! It'll be kickass.


longvowels said...

You should do it!
I know a girl here who does it and she would come into work covered in bruises and I instantly become envious of her.

It is so very kick ass. And your team gets a cool name!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I'm a Junky's Wife junky! I get all needy and codependent if I have to spend a day without you. Don't leave me!

Meagan said...

Yes! Become a rollerderby girl! I have been to the one here several times and it looks really fun. I want to do it every time I go. You get to have a crazy name and everything.

Chloe said...

Roller Derby..that sounds like BIG fun!
On another subject..have you seen "Fight Girls". I think it's on WE. That kicks ass. I wanna do that...what a way to let out some built up anger & emotions!! I'd love to lay down some furious elbows. Would probably need to quit smoking first, though!! Maybe i should just go find someone to beat up. That would be easier.

sKILLz said...

That sounds like crazy fun! I would love to do that. Im sure if you just go and kee at it you will do great.
That was cool that you were able to talk to his mom and relate to her and everything.

Anonymous said...

You would make the total kick ass roller derby girl, or may suicide girl (joking). But seriously, they started a league here, they have a great turn out for the matches, you would get to have a cool name and a sexy outfit, and smash other girls, what's to think about?