Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Dream Of Hardwood.

Oh, how I want hardwoods. The puppy has peed the carpet beyond repair, and even if I steam clean twice a week, which is excessive, there are still big pee stains. I want the feel of hardwood under my feet. I want it bad. I take my shoes off at work, where there are hardwoods, just to be able to enjoy the texture under my feet.

I like being able to mop the whole house and make it smell like oranges or pine trees or whatever. I like to put oil down and make it shiny and wonderful. I like the clean look of it all, even when it's dirty.

We were going to get hardwoods before Heroin Crisis 2007 lead to this stint of unemployment. Maybe I should use my credit and get hardwoods. It would please me so...and maybe I'd feel like we'd moved past something, moved into a new era of hardwood magic.

I love the way that simple changes to our home can make things so much better, like when I bought curtains and rods for the back door after we had the peeping tom or when I fixed up the art room upstairs. I know that a big change like hardwood floors could change the entire head space. Maybe I should put an ad on Craigslist...I need someone who can install hardwoods and repair idiot hole-punches in the wall. Maybe just maybe.

I've learned from the wisdom of a woman who attends our meetings. She talks about the wonderful screened-in porch she's built for herself and her fabulous red leather couch. I don't have to let myself be held hostage by my husband's addiction. I can have hardwood floors because I have good credit and I want them. I don't have to save my money to spend on his shit, as his shit is his shit.

Sweet freedom.


sKILLz said...

Girl all my life I have had wood floors. Then when I moved in with my girl, she had them as well, only one room had a carpet. Dont you know thats the room where the dog wanted to piss!
Do they know that its impossible to clean so thats why they go there?
Well after a few months of that I ripped it up, sanded it and re-finished it all by myself.
You might want to do that as well. It saves you some money and after its all done you feel such a great sense of acomplishment! Its great!
If not, like you said you have good credit, so pay for it to your liking!
Its whatever you want girl!

Wayward Son said...

My old dealer went to Home depot and bought a do-it-yourself hardwood floor. And he did it himself. I guess if your going to stay up for three days straight, you need to do something for at least part of the time.

Mr. Morford has written what seems like the perfect column for you. If I didn't know better, I would think it was you who wrote it.


amanda said...

I love hardwood floors. The way they feel beneath my feet when I first wake up and get out of bed. You should spring for them. I also love the way they are much less chaotic with my allergies.

longvowels said...

I grew up with carpet but moving out here it's all about the hardwood. M won't live in a place with carpet. His allergies would cause him to rip his face off.