Friday, July 27, 2007

Hey, did you guys know...?

There's a picture of Anonymoose. Hah.

Someone sent me this link on Anonymous comments on blogs. Who knew?

I am also taking the advice of another friend, EJ, who advised me to Let Go Of The Anonymous Business, Already.

And it will be a great exercise for me, letting exercise in boundaries and healing and stopping resenting...these are things I need to learn to do, anyway.

So I am going to try, really try, to stop it with the slick comments to provoke Anonymous (practice for stopping with the slick comments to provoke Mr. Junky). I am going to try to stop looking at Sitemeter for evidence of his/her/their constant reading of my mess. I'm going to stop trying to figure out who is the Anonymoose. It doesn't matter who is the Anonymoose. Except for the occasional harassing email, Anonymoose cannot bother me now. So that is enough.

Sigh. Being a grown-up is SO BORING.


laurie said...

You go - make like a duck and let it all roll of your back. Advice someone gave me many years ago and when I realize I need to let something go, I remember the dog.
Or to mix my metaphors, the best advice is not to feed the trolls or they just keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

Look as Anonymous as a way for you to learn and grow as a person, not as an evil foe to be out witted. I think you will find greater satisfaction in overcoming the resentment and rising above the Anon level. (Not that I think you would stoop so low as to do scandalous things involving the tracking of anon). - Stay strong. Besides, isn't just knowing you're SO much smarter enough? lol. This is why I love you!

Christine said...

yes, for me too, being a grown up is boring
I love drama and theres so little of it in my life now