Friday, June 15, 2007

When Blogging Goes Awry

So I posted about my scandalous blog incident earlier today, and it got me thinking: I bet there are lots of instances when bloggers' lives get messy because of blogging. My girlfriend Jeni kept a blog through her Friendster account about sex and men and body issues and all kinds of juicy stuff, and she finally made it private after it got passed around the law school.

I'd love to hear others' thoughts about situations when blogs about people's personal lives get a little messy.

I have come to love this form. As a writer, there's not much better than having an audience that talks back. It gives me a space, a group of readers that I'm starting to know well, and a topic that keeps me writing and writing and writing. I love it, and in spite of my efforts at keeping things anonymous, I've still run into a little trouble. If you've had similar experiences, share them! If you have advice or ideas about the subject of what to do when real life meets e-life, tell me that, too.

Talk to me, people!


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

As you well know, I guard my anonymity jealously. Things can get messy when the wrong people have personal information about one's life. It scares me.

writer4web said...

I love your posts and your writing and am hoping that you will have sweet things in your life soon to bolg about. They may be right around the corner, or even right in front of you, please don't miss them.

Thinking of you,


Anam_Kihaku said...

i foudn your site doing a search for day of the dead skulls.. but i have an idea who you are but i would never cross that line in public. I am well known in my industry and am fairly open with who I am but i have had death threats, stalkers, weird emails/posts etc from people who dont like what i have said - some from my family!! it is a weird and freaky line but some people do cross it. I have had people come up to me at conventions and tell me about stuff on my blog and i have no clue who they are.. so yeah it is freaky but then i have called people on it so i can be my own owrst enemy..