Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do You Want To Be Cremated?

We were talking today about death at work. A coworker's dad died not too long ago, and his brother recently got the ashes. It started an office conversation about how we want our bodies treated when we die.

Most of us, it seems, would like to be cremated. I can't decide if I like the idea of cremation or not. I like the idea of rotting and turning into dirt with plants growing out of me, but it seems like when you die now, you just turn to dirt in a sealed box and never get to be part of the earth around you.

So maybe cremation is the right thing to do if you want to be a flower one day.

If I really got to pick, though, I'd like to have a death like the husband in A Rose For Emily. I'd like my husband to sleep next to my rottening corpse every night.

He tried to talk me out of going to work this morning. If we weren't so broke, he could have convinced me. From being out of town and coming back to find him tattooing his head off, we haven't spent much time together. Compound our mutual business with the strays that have taken to living at our house, it's hard to have alone time. The puppy won't let us sleep on top of each other...she demands a spot between our heads. I wake up each morning with her upside down, curled around my head, nuzzling me. It's wonderful in its own way, but I like to be nuzzled by my husband more.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Mmm, Faulkner. Sometimes I think he single-handedly kept me alive through high school...

I read something in the New Yorker about green burials, where you can be wrapped in a sheet and buried headstoneless among the trees. Mark likes that idea. I want to be wrapped in white silk and buried at sea, entirely so that someone can read the Tempest over me -- "those are pearls that were her eyes..." ;)

Urban Thought said...

When all else fails, take it to the shower. Yes, the shower is a great spot to spend time with your boo. Not only can you both get cleaned up. You can get that much needed time in, if you know what I'm saying.

You kill two birds with one stone. Not to mention it's less of a mess to deal with after the happy ending.

**Was that too much? Not trying to offend. Just being true to self.**

Lavatory Lady said...

I used to want to be cremated but I'm having second thoughts. I had to have my uncle cremated and none of the family members wanted to keep the ashes. Very he's downstairs in my basement on the entertainment center. I feel kind of bad, but I have no clue where to spread his ashes. Some of the superstitious relatives suggested around a liquor store (he had a BAD drinking problem) or a field of wheat so he can become beer. LOL!! So mean. I would hate for anyone to feel responsible for me once I'm gone...

teebopop said...

My husband has it written that he be cremated. No religious or ethical reason, just that his hips, shoulder, and knees are all artificial and he says that knowing how it will freak out the guys at the crematorium is worth the laughter. (He just said, "Don't be surprised if you shake my urn and it rattles." Like I'd keep his ashes in the house. Sheesh.)

Pat Mahoney said...

Cremation is often thought of as the eco-friendly alternative to burial, but is it really? All the emissions of mercury and other pollutants may have some thinking otherwise.

A UK company is trying to change that with a new alternative. They propose to freeze dry your mortal remains then vibrate them until they turn to dust. The carbon remains are contained in an eco-friendly container then placed in the ground. It is said to fertilize the earth and up sprouts a tree or whatever else you plan to plant above.

Who know if this will arrive in the US anytime soon (before our demise).

If you do decide to be cremated, check out for the webs largest selection of cremation urns.

Pat Mahoney