Thursday, May 3, 2007

Weird Dreams, Again.

I had another strange, strange dream last night. This time, I was walking down a busy street. It was summer time, and I was hot, and there were lots of street cafes, so it was kind of annoying because of the heat and the traffic on the sidewalk and having to step around the street cafes. I'm walking and kind of grumbling to myself, when thr road starts to angle upwards, steeply, and suddenly there are all these bikers...not like cool bros on Frenchified bicycle riding hippies.

Now, I don't have anything against bikers in my waking life, but in my dream, I found them to be horribly annoying. I had some kind of attitude about them being hippies or they were annoying to me because they thought they were better than me or smarter than me or healthier than me, and I was especially annoyed that they had all these bicycles spread out everywhere, all in the street, and it was hard enough to walk up this freakin' mountain without bicycles and people being everywhere. They had on their annoying biker suits, the tight clothes and the weinie helmets, and they had water bottles, and the whole thing was REALLY annoying.

I'm on my way to work or somewhere I need to reach urgently, and my thighs start burning, and I'm climbing and stepping through this mass of bicycles. Eventually, the bicycles are really stacked right on top of each other, and the road is quite high, so it's precarious to walk around. Soon it stops being bicycles and starts being bicycles in disassembly, but a kind of organized a hardware store filled with bicycle equipment, bicycle parts, bicycle ratchets and screws and chains and things, all organized very nicely in these metal crates. It is nearly impossible to walk, but I keep going, digligently, until I get past the crowd and finally reach the top of the mountain.

At the top, I look down, and all I can see is an extremely steep, extremely snowy slope. I can't ski. I don't even have skis. There are a few people skiing, but it seems exceptionally dangerous, as they are really sort of flying off. I can hear a phone conversation between two mothers. Neither of these mothers is my mother. But they are mothers, and they are saying, "She'll just have to ski with the rest of the young people. They're all skiing, so she can to."

I consider my options: ski, or walk back through the bikes.

Now what the hell does this all mean? Something about working hard, trudging along, and getting to nowhere good? Or something about pushing against an obvious mechanism of escape (climbing uphill on foot when I'm surrounded by, completely encumbered by, bicycles?)?

Should I buy a bicycle? Were my thighs just sore from the gym?

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