Saturday, April 7, 2007


Here's a mock-personal ad from an addict someone posted on the Soberrecovery forum. It's funny because my husband had joked in the past about the way his personal ad would read when we'd seen commercials for

Male seeking female who is willing to give me all her money and not question what I did with it. Be willing not to notice that it takes me 5 hours to get a pack of smokes from a store across the street. Be accepting of my open door policy which means after 5 days of missing in action open the door. Must be willing to let go of all your valuable posessions. Must like cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, working 3 jobs to support me, take care of all activities with kids including raising them mostly alone. Must enjoy late night drives (looking for me), being broke, fighting, and taking responsibilities for ALL my actions as I will do nothing wrong. All interested women please call 1-800-sol-mate! Call now as I'm sure I wont be available for long I'm a real catch!!!!

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Doc's Girl said...

I'm still chuckling and shaking my head...:-P