Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gratitude List

I just read a blog where a guy had a list of the things he's grateful for, and I thought that maybe I should take the time to write down the things in my life that are going well...the things I'm grateful for. It seems healing, especially on a day that has been so complicated.

1. I'm grateful for my family, especially my mother and my niece.
2. I'm grateful for my friends, especially Jeni, Meagan, and Vowels.
3. I'm glad I have my puppy to sleep next to me and sigh when I bore her.
4. I'm glad I have fat kitties to love.
5. I'm glad I've had this opportunity to be with my husband. I never thought I would. Even if it doesn't work out, at least I will know that it didn't work, and it will be over.
6. I'm grateful for the people I've met at my meetings and for the sense of peace and serenity they've helped me find.
7. I'm glad I have such a cool job, and I'm glad I have plans for the future that make me feel good about the things to come.
8. I'm glad that I am able to sleep so well lately.
9. I'm glad that I have this blog and that I'm writing again.
10. I'm glad for the life I've lived. It's been complicated and messy at times, but it's been rich and colorful. No one will ever say that I didn't work hard and live my life fully.
11. I'm grateful and proud of myself for being able to buy this house. It's a mess and a pain in the ass right now, but it's a joy to have something that I know is mine.
12. I'm glad that I still have my health and at least half my sanity.
13. I'm grateful for the way it feels when I breathe deeply and for the way it smells like spring outside.
14. I'm grateful for Cymbalta.
15. I'm grateful for my mother-in-law and the support she's shown me during a time in her life that has been very difficult.
16. I'm glad for Boston Cream donuts, even if they are making my ass fat.
17. I'm glad to have found the Soberrecovery forums so I can bitch and bitch and get support on days when I don't have meetings.
18. I'm glad for music downloaded from the internet.
19. I'm glad Elizabeth sent me those beautiful, sad poems, even though I'm sorry for the pain that she must feel to be writing them.
20. I'm glad I have my car.
21. I am glad for the years I spent with my ex. I learned a lot of things, and I have some genuinely sweet memories.
22. I am glad for my cell phone.
23. I am grateful for every single bath I get to take.
24. I very much enjoyed the strawberry and dark chocolate pig I ate this morning with my coffee! It was an Easter gift from my mother.
25. I'm glad my new haircut looks cool and that it's plenty short.
26. I'm glad for all the great books there are still left in the world for me to read.

That's all I can do for now.

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Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Thank you JW for stopping by and leave a beautiful comments on my blog. It's a good feeling when you able to inspire others to do good deeds even as simple as a gratitude lists.

Really love your posts especially the death addicts. Jim was one of my favourite artists of his time. There were two other 'J'. Both of them died as an addict too. The three of them really made an impact in my musical oddessy early on when I was very young.

Love your other blog too but I've to hide it from my beloved wife or she will kick my ass, lol.

Come back again. Love to hear more from a Junky's wife side of the story.