Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Angry Angry People!

I like to visit a few forums to see what people are saying about addiction and recovery. I find reading their questions and commenting on their problems is helpful for me, and it prepares me for the kinds of things to expect from my husband in the future. There's this Craigslist Recovery forum that is kind of strangely fascinating to me even though it is a really negative, angry place. People fight constantly about whether or not AA and NA are cults, and whether or not Rational Recovery is a legitimate mechanism for recovery. I've been attacked there for posting the link to this blog, and the general tone of the entire site is angry, bitter, and beligerent. For some reason, I keep coming back to it. I'm not sure why.

I think I've decided that it's important to stick a little sanity into the conversations now and then. There are sometimes some people there really looking for help for legitimate problems, and it's sad they their questions are often transformed into platforms for someone to preach about their favorite (or worse, their least favorite) recovery method. The same folks are there all day long, fighting with each other. Maybe the forum holds some of the attraction of reality television shows--you kind of hate the people, but you can't stop looking at them.

I also often point people to my pet forum, the Soberrecovery rooms.

Maybe it's because it's a forum for addicts and alcoholics instead of for the families? That's why their so mad? There are also some people there who seem to be adamant that they don't have a problem. I can't imagine being so sure that I didn't have a problem with alcohol or drugs that I'd sit on a recovery website and rant about it.

It's fascinating. If you need something to do to kill time at work, check it out.

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